Friday, October 9, 2009

In My White Tee

I'm fascinated with the versatility of a plain white shirt. The can literally be, anything you need them too; fitting perfectly into any and every occasion. This is how I play with a white shirt. Little scandalous, daring? Maybe. Plenty of fun? Yes!

Images from Garancedore

Monday, September 21, 2009

Much has been made over Taylor Momsen's barely there bottoms, by tweeters, and gossip sites alike. 
Here's my take:
Though she's just sixteen, and I'm sure she got into a fair amount of parental trouble for her looks...I think she looks great!!!!!
I've long been an arbiter of her personal style and attitude. Fashion pushes boundaries! And that's exactly what she's doing! I just pray this doesn't turn into an unfortunate "young Hollywood" gone crazy" situation. So my advice is to keep it, but keep your life tame and sane girl!

*Images from JustJared
Taylor Momsen Has A Message For The Haters

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where are they now: Eloise

Every year, at Christmas time, my sister and I watch Eloise at Christmastime. It's become a holiday favorite for us. Even still, I never wondered what happened to the little actress that played Eloise. The other day, watching the Teen Choice Awards, I saw this beautiful actress named Sofia, and it turned out to be none other than Eloise herself. So I dedicated a set to her! Here it is!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sexy Little School Girls

Men seem to have serious things for oxymorons. Dirty nurse, sexy stewardess, and of course naughty school girl! That one falling into the same academic category as pornographic professors and lewd librarians. For-filling typical male fantasies newest polyvore set. I call it "Marilyn the Intellect" 
See, reading is sexy afterall! Get excited for back-to-school!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Boy Lollipop!

"The only two choices for women; witch and sexy kitten." - Miranda Hobbes (Sex in the City Movie)

- Indeed you said a mouthful Miranda! And if I have my choice, I go the way of sexy kitten. Because what's wrong with a playful, sexy women, a la Claudia Schiffer or Brigitte Bardot? Nothing! Thats what!


I like to be in America, O.K. by me in America Ev'rything free in America, For a small fee in America

Recently, I've noticed a decline in the caliber of photographers in American fashion magazines. Not just in the artist them-selves, but in their work. Gone are the days of innovative, envelope-pushing photography. Where have the Steven Miesels and Richard Avedon's of the industry gone? The only magazine that still pays homage to the days of serious photography is Vanity Fair. And God Bless them for it!

Vanity Fair this is for inspiring me!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Well It's a Soft Shock, To Your Soft Side, Summer Moon

It's back to school time lovelies! Just two days ago, my local Wal-Mart began showing tell-tale signs of Autumn's silent approach. As if that weren't enough, everyone who's anyone has debuted their pre-fall collection. I don't know about you, but it's invigorating! I've always loved fall shopping, something about this season represents a new start, a challenge, a rebirth of self(that almost always begins with a rebirth of wardrobe.)
So, here's my BTS list:

Black Leather Jacket
Burgundy Leather Boots(Wedges) - Because burgundy goes with both black and brown
Two Button Down Shirts - One plaid, one Country Club blue
Dark Wash Skinny Jeans - from Forever 21

- I'll be sure to do a review of the fall collections soon!
As always enjoy!

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